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October 2015

Halloween treats 

I love Halloween. And I think you can bake just as much for Halloween as you do for Christmas. Today I started making my Halloween treats. I made some sugar cookies and used my Halloween cookie cutters. They turned out ok. But I do have to admit I forgot the sugar. I know the ingredient that the freaking cookie is named after. They are edible, a little dry. But I slathered on the frosting. So that should help. 


Monster cookie
Jack O’lantern cookie
I also made vampire chocolate covered Oreos. Another admission, I wanted to use the Halloween festive Oreos, but my local store didn’t have them out anymore! They had the winter/Christmas Oreos, but no Halloween. So I bought and used the store brand version of Oreos. This is a super easy treat to make. Melt some chocolate (if you don’t buy color chocolate, just use white chocolate and add food coloring), dip the cookie so it is fully covered, place the cookie on parchment paper, and let dry. When the cookies have dried, melt semi-sweet chocolate for hair, eyes, and mouth. 


Vampire cookies

The vampires are super yummy. I’ve already eaten some of the ones that didn’t have a lot of chocolate and looked a little wonky (because I wanted to use all the melted chocolate I had). 
I hope to make some Pinterest recipes tomorrow or Saturday. 

Happy (early) Halloween 

I’ve made a couple of Halloween themed crafts. 

A wreath for our door:  
And some Nightmare Before Christmas themed Minnie Mouse ears:

I have previous posts on how to make each; if you’d like to check those out 🙂 
Happy Haunts!

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