As you may have read in the last post we are moving. Well, at this point in time we have moved (for the most part. Just need to pick up a few little things.).

And while I love our new home, both location and building, I hate the actual act of moving. I have no clue how so much stuff was in that little trailer. Not to mention what we had in storage. Ugh. If it was just me, I would have chucked a good portion of what we have in boxes. Some stuff we still have just because it contains sensitive information. Our shredder broke (over used? Who knows) so we need to get a new one and therefore we have a box of papers just waiting to be ripped up. Where do you put that? 

D’s room is pretty much put together. It isn’t decorated yet. That part is on the back burner. Our room is put together for the most part as well. We just need to rearrange some things. The living room is our biggest tackle right now. 

I can’t wait to be done and just live. How are you with moving? Any tricks to live by?