My friend has a birthday coming up this month and she is a huge Disney fan. So I thought I could make her a pair of custom Minnie Mouse ears. She loves Jessie from the Toy Story franchise and the ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. So I set out to make her two Minnie Mouse headband ears. As you know, I am a Pinterest fiend and I looked to it for inspiration. 

There are a lot of tutorials on how to make your own set of Minnie Mouse ears (some even from a Disney blog). Because of that, and because I didn’t really take a lot of pictures, I won’t really go into details about how I made my friend’s ears. Making these ears is a little like DisneyBounding (if you are familiar with that). You start off thinking of the character or attraction you would like to have the ears represent. Find the fabric you would like (for the ears I’ve been using 1/4 of a yard and if you make a fabric bow I’ve been using 1/8 or a yard).

  1. Create a circle template for the ears. I used the bottom of a disinfectant whipes tubed container. Use this template to create draw 4 circles on the back side of the fabric. Or you could just use the container of you prefer. It was easier for me to have a template to carry around. 
  2. Cut out the circles. Pin two pieces of fabric together with the nice side facing each other. So the backs are facing out. 
  3. Sew the pieces together leaving a bottom flap unsewn. Turn the ear right side out. 
  4. Fill the ears with stuffing. Close and sew the bottom opening. Take the ears and hot glue it to your headband. 
  5. Find a Minnie Mouse bow template that you like (I used these). Trace on to you bow fabric and then cut out. 
  6. Repeat the steps you did for the ears. Then hot glue on the headband. 


The ears made to represent Jessie from the Toy Story franchise
The ears that represent the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad ride at Disneyland.

As you can see I stitched a white ribbon around the Jessie ears to represent her hat. And the Big Thunder Mountain RR ears have a rope ribbon with an added train embellishment. I did add a dot of glue behind the rope bow to secure it to the ears. 

My friend loved her ears and can’t wait to wear them on her next trip to Disneyland. And I will be making myself a couple of pairs. 🙂