I took inspiration from one of the other outdoor activities and came up with my own. Chalk water balloons. 

You take your favorite liquid chalk recipe and put it into water balloons. But just so you know it can be messy. 

I put our liquid chalk into squeezable containers from the dollar store.   

liquid chalk containers

From there I put a water balloon (also from the dollar store) on top of the spout of the squeezable container, then I just turn the bottle upside down and filled the balloon with the chalk. This is the messiest part. It took a few times to perfect filling in the balloon.  

My hand after filling the balloons
 If you have an issue with having multi-colored hands I suggest using latex gloves or something equivalent. 

The end result gets some pretty decent sized chalk balloons. 


Our chalk balloons

We had a nice day throwing the balloons at the street in front of our place.