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April 2015

Pinterest fail

As you may have guessed I love Pinterest. I’ve used it for party ideas, outdoor activities, and recipes (just to name a few things). Well, I thought that I would try a recipe for “cake batter cookies”. 

There are several different recipes you can find on Pinterest and I won’t mention the one I used, because maybe you’ll have better luck. Not to mention I am not claiming this recipe as mine or listing it with all it’s ingredients/directions. 

Everything started out fine once I mixed all the ingredients together. Then the directions said to put the dough in the refrigerator for 2 hours. I did all that. My problem started when I tried to make the dough balls that would then bake into cookies. 

The dough after 2 hours.


The dough was very crumbly and would barely stay molded together, if at all. Instead of these perfect molded cookie dough balls I ended up with what ever I could get to stay together. 

About to bake


I had the cookie dough crumbling as I placed them on the cookie sheets as well as when I moved the cookie sheet into the oven. When all was said and done the cookies came out looking like they weren’t done and would fall apart if you looked at them too long. A FAR cry from the supposed award winning cookies that had inspired me to bake. 

Can you tell the difference between the dough and the cookies?


We shall see if they taste any good. : /


Hope you all had a wonderful Easter if you celebrate the Holiday. We colored eggs this morning. D got some goodies from the Easter bunny.  


Then we went to B’s parents for brunch and dinner. D went searching for for eggs. And enjoyed scavenging from everyone’s dinner plate. 



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