It was another nice day out today and B happened to be off from work; so we rounded up supplies and had another day outside. Thanks to Pinterest, we tried exploding chalk ( and face (well, body) painting ( I thought that perhaps since D was interested in throwing things, he may enjoy throwing the exploding chalk. However, I was wrong. B and our neighbor enjoyed throwing them though. Our only issue was our bags seemed to want to remain unexploded. 


 When it comes to the face (body) paint, I would urge splurging on nicer paint brushes. We purchased a set from the Dollar Store and while they worked, they were stiff and did not leave a clean line (if that makes sense).  But D enjoyed painting the back of his neck.    

While we were at the Dollar Store, we also picked up a little ball and bat. Mainly to see if we could get D interested in baseball. He did think it was funny when ever B hit the ball with that bat. D enjoyed throwing the ball and even seemed to enjoy swinging for it.  All and all we had a nice little afternoon.