It has been so nice out lately that I thought D would enjoy playing outside. I set up him little kiddie pool. To which he screamed and tried to crawl up me. 

Next I tried some homemade chalk (thanks to: I did use food coloring instead of kool aid, because we didn’t have kool aid. D seemed to enjoy it. Even if he did really understand what was going on. 

 He mainly picked up the cups and dumped the colors. But he had fun. 

So I thought maybe some homemade finger paint (thanks to: would work too. It did to the point that he wanted to pick up and pour the cups. I think I need to find some butcher paper or a cheap sheet and try the paints again. I tried to get D to sit and paint. But he wasn’t having it. 

Of course all of this artwork and outside play took only an hour of our day. But I definitely would try all this again. Like I mentioned above, I’d like to find bigger paper or a sheet for the finger paint. I also saw on the webpage an article on shaped chalk that I would like to try. I originally found both pages on Pinterest.  

I’ll have to look into more. It’s supposed to be in the 80’s this weekend, so it would be nice to enjoy some of the sunshine. Do you have any favorite outdoor activities for little ones?