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March 2015

Baseball, chalk, and face paint 

It was another nice day out today and B happened to be off from work; so we rounded up supplies and had another day outside. Thanks to Pinterest, we tried exploding chalk ( and face (well, body) painting ( I thought that perhaps since D was interested in throwing things, he may enjoy throwing the exploding chalk. However, I was wrong. B and our neighbor enjoyed throwing them though. Our only issue was our bags seemed to want to remain unexploded. 


 When it comes to the face (body) paint, I would urge splurging on nicer paint brushes. We purchased a set from the Dollar Store and while they worked, they were stiff and did not leave a clean line (if that makes sense).  But D enjoyed painting the back of his neck.    

While we were at the Dollar Store, we also picked up a little ball and bat. Mainly to see if we could get D interested in baseball. He did think it was funny when ever B hit the ball with that bat. D enjoyed throwing the ball and even seemed to enjoy swinging for it.  All and all we had a nice little afternoon.    

Bath time fun

I decided to try bath paints for D today. I got the recipe from .

I only made two colors, because I only had two repurposed containers with snap lids. But that turned out to be a moot point since D decided to dunk the containers into the water. Before that happened D seemed to enjoy taking large globs of paint and putting it on the tub walls. I’d say it was a success! 

And yes there is some paint on D’s back. That’s from me. Since it was made with baby body wash/bubble bath I thought it would be a colorful way to wash D during his bath.

Keeping busy 

My cousin in-law tried a diy recipe for cloud dough or moon sand for her daughter. She used flour and baby oil (as I’m sure many have seen in the different pins on Pinterest). I wanted to replicate her activity for D. However I didn’t have any baby oil and didn’t really want to pay the prices I found. So I went to Pinterest and found several pins using flour and vegetable oil. Eureka! We already had vegetable oil at home, plus if D decided to try and eat it then it would be safe. 

D seemed to enjoy the activity. His favorite was to pick up the sand/dough and let it fall out while he opened and closed his hand. At one point he even stepped into the bin or sand/dough. Definitely something I would try again. 


Outside again 

We spent the afternoon outside again. Today we focused on D’s kiddie pool. He still wouldn’t get in it. But he did play in it. So I am counting that as a success! It’s all about baby steps, right?

In between splashing and “fishing”, D did try to run off. And even made it to some steps (he loves stairs).

Outside fun

It has been so nice out lately that I thought D would enjoy playing outside. I set up him little kiddie pool. To which he screamed and tried to crawl up me. 

Next I tried some homemade chalk (thanks to: I did use food coloring instead of kool aid, because we didn’t have kool aid. D seemed to enjoy it. Even if he did really understand what was going on. 

 He mainly picked up the cups and dumped the colors. But he had fun. 

So I thought maybe some homemade finger paint (thanks to: would work too. It did to the point that he wanted to pick up and pour the cups. I think I need to find some butcher paper or a cheap sheet and try the paints again. I tried to get D to sit and paint. But he wasn’t having it. 

Of course all of this artwork and outside play took only an hour of our day. But I definitely would try all this again. Like I mentioned above, I’d like to find bigger paper or a sheet for the finger paint. I also saw on the webpage an article on shaped chalk that I would like to try. I originally found both pages on Pinterest.  

I’ll have to look into more. It’s supposed to be in the 80’s this weekend, so it would be nice to enjoy some of the sunshine. Do you have any favorite outdoor activities for little ones?

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