The other day while I was in the midst of trying to conquer the piles of laundry, the washer decided disconnect itself from the drain. Thus all of the water went out of the machine to the rest of the place. The laundry area, kitchen/dinning area, and even all the way to the carpet and down the hallway.
We used every towel we had on hand. Thankfully, our new neighbors had a shop-vac and came to help suck up what water the towels left behind.
It has been four days since the flood and the carpet is finally drying out. And it is safe to say that I am terrified to do anymore laundry at our place. I did all the laundry we had (left over and with all the towels and what not) at my in-laws yesterday. Today we are off to find a larger drainage connection tube, so hopefully it won’t dislodge again.