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December 2014

Hello 2015

It is already 2015 on the East coast (Happy New Year to you guys) and while there is still time in 2014 here on the West coast… I am pretty sure I will sleep through the new year if D will be kind enough to sleep through it as well. Fingers crossed and a Happy early-ish New Year to those sharing my time zone. 🙂

What’s going on in the woods

Ok I know I am a very very bad blog writer. I am sorry to my very small group of readers. I’m also sorry to anyone that may have stumbled upon this little blurb on my life.

D is now 11 months! And he is go go go. He has started to walk with assistance (like an adult holding his hands or with push walkers), but he doesn’t trust himself on his own. He loves to walk with assistance too. I think he is likes how fast he can go.

We are planning his birthday. It is going to be Toy Story themed. The guest list is huge. I’m not sure if it’s because we don’t want to hurt people’s feelings or because we have a large family in addition to friends that would actually want to be there. Because there are so many people we want to invite we are having an issue finding a place to have the party. I get that he will be 1 and won’t remember, but this is for us. And we want to celebrate. Plus I really want an excuse to throw a party. So there.

B still loves his job. Every day he has stories about what he did. He seems to have found his calling. I’m glad that he loves what he is doing.

I haven’t been as successful as B. While he is thriving, I seem to be floundering. I thought I had made some friends with two other ladies on our street (one of which has a baby as well). But it turns out I was wrong. In the past they have said that we should all get together and walk. And I thought yeah that’s great. It seemed like they wanted to be friends. One day, I was getting ready to feed D and I just happened to look out the window and I saw them get together and go off on a walk together. They didn’t even bother to see if I would like to go. Before you say maybe they didn’t know I was home, our windows were open and my car was out (no where for it to go). It hurt my feelings. This isn’t the first time either. Another time I just happened to go past them and they acted all guilty saying how they were just saying they should have asked me. But the thing is they didn’t. It was just something they said to make themselves better.

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