I knew living in the woods would mean seeing/ hearing a lot of animals; but I never thought I would hear them on the roof. At first I thought my imagination was running wild because D and I were home alone at night while B was at work. Luckily, the creatures decided to make an appearance one night while B was home and he heard the sounds too. The sounds drive Pismo crazy. The poor dog tries to be brave and bark at the creatures, but she is scared to death. One night we heart them she started to run down the hall barking, only to backtrack so fast she tripped over her own legs.

There are a couple of theories of who our noisemakers could be. I’ve just been calling them gremlins. The more logical thoughts are: a raccoon family, owls, or possibly even a cougar (the animal, not the human female). B has gone out to check, but has been unable to see anything. (Mark one for the gremlin theory). Our neighbor has seen a family of raccoons on our street. So her theory that we are hearing that seems to be the most plausible.