Again it has been awhile. Though particially it is because I have had some technology issues and wasn’t able to log on.

Here is what has been happening….

D has started crawling. He has used this power for evil; every time I try to change his diaper he flips over and crawls away sans diaper. He is eating all the time (or so it feels like it). He prefers sippy cups with a straw (something he must have gotten from me, I love straws). D is also in between sizes. 6 month clothes are just a smige small and 9 month clothing is just a tad too big.

B has finished with FTO and is on his own as a Ranger. He is very happy and loves his job. He is still on probation. I believe he has a year of probation starting from when he first reported to the park. So 4 months down, 8 to go for him.

As for me, I have started counting the days until we can move. I have 638 days to go. While I understand that I am lucky to be able to stay at home with my child, I am also stuck in a tiny trailer a good 45 minutes from a grocery store and hour or more from a hospital. That is if there is no traffic or road closures. The latter of which seems to be a daily occurrence. I can’t wait until I am far far away from this area.