So I haven’t posted in a while. We are still trying to get thing settled in the trailer (though I like to call it by other names).

B has finished 2 out of 4 phases of his field training. He has passed both the first two phases and will be starting his 3rd phase next week. So far he has had pretty low key weeks. Which I think is a good thing, but I’m not law enforcement. I guess they prefer more action so to speak.

D has started on solid foods. Though trying to get him to wean off breast feeding has become difficult. He takes a bottle just fine. I just can’t seem to pump fast enough to keep up with him. So far he has had rice cereal, carrots, squash, peas, and bananas. He doesn’t like peas, but will eat them. He hates bananas! Seriously, it was worse then peas. His face scrunched, he pushed the spoon away, he turned his head, and even screamed a little. I even tried to give him a fresh banana (mashed of course) and still he wasn’t having it. I also tried to make homemade baby food. We had carrots and he likes carrots. However he did not like the mashed/pureed carrots I made. The reaction was in between peas and bananas.

Now it seems that D refuses to asleep. I’ve done everything the doctor has told me. And what I’ve read. I’ve tried rocking him to sleep. I’ve tried the cry method (one the neighborhood loves [sarcasm, in case you missed it]). Nothing seems to work. He’ll sleep in my arms but not in his crib. I’ve gotten to the point where my eyes are crossing out of exhaustion. Who needs sleep? I do…