We have hot water. And a fridge, though that took a week. A long story, where the moral is don’t shop Sears. We even have Dish TV. But we are still needing to rely on going into town to access internet/cell phone service. Which isn’t too bad, since we have had to go into town to eat and everything since we arrived. However, now that  we have a fridge, groceries, and propane that is going to be less and less. We are waiting to here back from Hughes Net. If we can’t get ahold of them we will just give Dish more business by adding internet.


In other news, B started yesterday. He said it was a lot of paperwork and meeting people. Today he learned how to drive different terrain.

Yesterday D, Pismo, and I went exploring a little ways. We went up the hill behind where we are living. D and I are also being eaten alive by mosquitoes. Not fun. Plus my bites are on top of a nasty sunburn I got on the 4th of July.