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July 2014

A month in the woods

We have been in our new place for about a month now. B seems to be enjoying his new job. He is currently working afternoon/ nights and is driving a hour and a half commute.

D and I are exploring either the park or surrounding towns while B is at work. I’ve made a few good meals. But it can be hard with D since he wants to be in the middle of what’s going on.

D also turned 6 months a couple days ago. And he had his 6 month check up today. He is 16 lbs & 1 oz. And 26″ long. The doctor is very pleased with how he is growing. He got the all clear for solid foods. Which we tried today at lunch. He did pretty good. He seemed to enjoy the rice cereal. In a few days we will try carrots.

We are still looking for an internet provider. We tried to go through Dish but they don’t offer internet in our area. So we will try to reach HughesNet again.


Creature/ Critter/ Insect Bingo

So living in the woods I knew there would be animals around and insects every where. But I am a little surprised at how frequently I see some animals, especially since there are people around and you would think they would be skittish.

 Deer as seen from the bedroom window
Deer as seen from the bedroom window

So far I have seen deer (everyday), spiders (multiple times a day), squirrels (everywhere), a rabbit, and the tail end of a skunk crossing the road (I was in my car and did not get sprayed).

I know I shouldn’t be surprised, but the squirrels everywhere thrown me off the most. I don’t know why. I guess I’m just used to great clusters of them at a playground and sparingly everywhere else. I  also surprised that the deer don’t seem to have a #$%& if you are there or not. I always thought they were skittish. Even Pismo barking at them doesn’t bother them.

And, well, we all know how spiders are.  =O



Hot water, yes. Internet, no

We have hot water. And a fridge, though that took a week. A long story, where the moral is don’t shop Sears. We even have Dish TV. But we are still needing to rely on going into town to access internet/cell phone service. Which isn’t too bad, since we have had to go into town to eat and everything since we arrived. However, now that  we have a fridge, groceries, and propane that is going to be less and less. We are waiting to here back from Hughes Net. If we can’t get ahold of them we will just give Dish more business by adding internet.


In other news, B started yesterday. He said it was a lot of paperwork and meeting people. Today he learned how to drive different terrain.

Yesterday D, Pismo, and I went exploring a little ways. We went up the hill behind where we are living. D and I are also being eaten alive by mosquitoes. Not fun. Plus my bites are on top of a nasty sunburn I got on the 4th of July.



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