D turned 4 months old on May 23rd. He spent that weekend helping celebrate his uncle’s (my younger brother’s) college graduation. He went (with me and my family) to two graduation ceremonies and a party. D did very well at both ceremonies and the party was at home so that went well too.

On Memorial day we took D swimming for the first time. He seemed to enjoy himself.  The next day he went to his 4 month check up. D is 25 inches long and weighs 14.8 pounds.


Now we are just playing the waiting game to see if we have a place to live after B graduates from the academy on June 19th. That has been a rollercoaster. We were for sure going to have a house at the park where B was assigned but then some events took place at the park and we lost the certainty. So we waited  and waited only to find out that a single man was taking the 3 bedroom 2 bath home instead of us. We has to put in for a small 2 bedroom 1 bath in another park. But we still have to wait and hear if we have that place for sure. I don’t think I have ever been more frustrated with the people in charge. They have known for months that B was heading to this park and looking for housing. But no one would give us a definate answer if we would be able to get housing. Then this single ranger swooped in and took this place. I can’t blame him for wanting housing, but if you are a single person, who knows about the FAMILY coming to the park, why don’t you be a stand up guy and take the smaller place.

I know we should be thankful that we were even offered the smaller place. But all this jerking around has really left a bitter taste in my mouth. And we haven’t even gotten the place for sure. We are still up in the air.