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June 2014

Refrigerator Update

We found one! It will be delivered on Tuesday. One thing less on our to do list.

Unpack, go into town to eat, unpack some more

Well we have arrived. No cell service (but we did get a landline!), no hot water (supposedly Monday), and no refrigerator (currently looking).

D’s room is finished in terms of the boxes are empty and dismantled. B’s and my room is maybe about half way done. Everything else is slowly coming together. Very slowly.

Since we don’t have a fridge, to keep things cool, or propane, to heat things (like water or the stove), we have to travel into town when we want to eat. So that cuts into unpacking. We also don’t have any internet service at the moment. So we get a bombardment of alerts when out cell phones hit cell service. It is very interesting.

Moving into the Park

Well it has finally arrived. It is moving day. o_O


Let me just say right away….I hate moving. It doesn’t matter where to. I just hate moving. I think it is a horrible reminder that you have too much cra stuff. No matter how much you whittle down, those moving boxes breed like rabbits and you still have too much. And, if you are like me, it’s hard to throw out or give away some stuff because so-n-so gave it to you and it’s sentimental. Or you want to give it away or throw it out but can’t because the person who gave it to you inevitably ask you what happened to that dancing hippopotamus figurine they gave you. (I don’t have a dancing hippopotamus figurine, but you get the idea).


Today will be interesting, to say the least…

Graduation. Hello Mr. Ranger

B is an official State Park Ranger. He and 18 others graduated yesterday and have 2 weeks vacation before their first day in the field.


D did very well during the ceremony. He only tried to throw a fit twice, but I was able to get up quickly and quiet him down. We didn’t miss the important thing, which was watching B receive His badge.


Now we are in move mode. B is moving all his things from the academy location this weekend to the trailer. Then this upcoming week we will move D and my things. I am scouring the web and stores for things to make the trailer more liveable. Like paint, removable wallpaper, storage ideas, front door decor, etc.

Do you have any tried and true decorating tips for a small living space?

The Last Week

It is B’s last week at the academy. On Thursday he will graduate. Then we have two weeks to move before he starts work on July 7th. 

My last day of work is tomorrow. And when B starts work D and I will start exploring. 

4 months old and it’s go go go

D turned 4 months old on May 23rd. He spent that weekend helping celebrate his uncle’s (my younger brother’s) college graduation. He went (with me and my family) to two graduation ceremonies and a party. D did very well at both ceremonies and the party was at home so that went well too.

On Memorial day we took D swimming for the first time. He seemed to enjoy himself.  The next day he went to his 4 month check up. D is 25 inches long and weighs 14.8 pounds.


Now we are just playing the waiting game to see if we have a place to live after B graduates from the academy on June 19th. That has been a rollercoaster. We were for sure going to have a house at the park where B was assigned but then some events took place at the park and we lost the certainty. So we waited  and waited only to find out that a single man was taking the 3 bedroom 2 bath home instead of us. We has to put in for a small 2 bedroom 1 bath in another park. But we still have to wait and hear if we have that place for sure. I don’t think I have ever been more frustrated with the people in charge. They have known for months that B was heading to this park and looking for housing. But no one would give us a definate answer if we would be able to get housing. Then this single ranger swooped in and took this place. I can’t blame him for wanting housing, but if you are a single person, who knows about the FAMILY coming to the park, why don’t you be a stand up guy and take the smaller place.

I know we should be thankful that we were even offered the smaller place. But all this jerking around has really left a bitter taste in my mouth. And we haven’t even gotten the place for sure. We are still up in the air.

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