…Unless you are a week shy of being four months old. Then apparently you will cry every chance you get. D went to his second baseball game (this time a minor league game instead of a major league one). While tonight started out better than the last game we went to, it eventually went south.

Tonight D decided he no longer wanted to be covered up while being fed. Of course that is a problem for me because I am self conscious and would prefer my breast not be out for the world to see. So I ended up heading to the women’s restroom to feed D there. Nursing in a stall is not an easy feat. I do admire the women that can breast feed any where. I do not have those skills.

You may be wondering why not just bring a bottle and fed him that way. Well there isn’t a way to heat up a bottle at the game and we don’t have a travel bottle heater. So original breast feeding seemed the best option.

After being fed for the second time (and a new fresh diaper) D still was unhappy. When we returned to our seat he just started to cry and nothing would calm him down. So we ended up leaving. And I made the decision to hold off on any other baseball games (or sporting events) until D can at least eat solid foods. I think that should help a whole lot.

Again I really admire mothers that can do it all by having a young baby with them at a ball game. What are your secrets ladies?