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March 2014

Hello Mr. President

I am a Pinterest addict. One of the things that I found on that site was a pin that gave the idea to send a birth announcement to the White House. The original site the pin led to was:

I also stumbled across more information at:

So I figured what harm did it do to send an announcement. And sure enough about 6 weeks later we got a response.


It was pretty cool to get the response and will be a great memory book/box addition.


I also sent an announcement to Disneyland (since I’m a big fan of Disney and hope my son will be too). We got a response from Mickey Mouse and his pals too.



Two month check up

I know it has been a while since I have posted. (Though I’m fairly certain no one reads this so I guess it doesn’t matter)

As every new mother (or second or third etc.) knows your baby is now your whole world. Not to mention you are usually exhausted. Despite my lack of sleep I love our baby boy. There are times I just look at him and can’t believe he is mine. He just leaves me speechless.

Today he had his two month check up. He is now 11.14 pounds and 22.5 inches. The doctor was happy with his growth and called him perfect. Which, for a worry wart like me, was a huge relief. After the doctor saw him, it was time for the first round of vaccines. [Side note: what ever your views on the subject of vaccines are yours. I chose to have my child vaccinated. What you decide to do is what is best for you and your family. Please don’t turn this into a fight on vaccines.] The boy had one oral vaccine and 3 shots. He did really well. He did cry and scream with the shots, but he calmed down when I held him and he was able to keep his appetite. 🙂

In Ranger news, B has been dealing with traffic scenarios this week. His peace officer training is coming to an end next month and then he snd the other cadets will be focusing more on the state parks until June. Then we will be moving; which I’m not looking forward to because I hate moving.


If any one does read this, I will try to write more.


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