Well I haven’t written in a while. A lot of things have happened. B completed his longer weeks for Range training and defensive tactics. He even made a point of coming home the second week for the night. But I think that was because he thought I would go into labor.

He wasn’t too far off. Early Tuesday morning (about 2 am) I started getting contractions. I woke my mom an hour later, when I was certain I was having contractions. We eventually went  into the hospital at 5 am. Unfortunately I wasn’t ready enough to be admitted. So we walked around the hospital until I was “doubled over” in pain as the nurse on duty said. Eventually that pain came and I would later learn that I was in back labor. Let me tell you that is not fun. I spent a good chunk of time shaking from the pain. I did get an epidural, which helped a lot! However, I will let you know that something went wrong and the pain came back. They had to give me something to up the medication.

Finally at 12:07 am our little boy arrived. He was 8 lbs 4 oz and 20 inches. And as a very biased mother he is beautiful.

So for those desperate to know why, you now know what’s going on 🙂