B has started his 6 days a week for tue academy. And will probably continue on that schedule through February.  He has done very well on his tests lately and I know I am hoping this continues. 

The class has been split into two groups,  group 1 spent the first half of the week at the gun range and group 2 spent the first half on defensive tactics training. Yesterday everyone switched. Next week they will begin again at their original assignments.

B has gotten the approval to have his phone on him as well as on in case I go into labor while he is training.  It’s only a matter of time before we meet the newest member of our family. I had a doctor appointment on Wednesday and will have another one next Friday. Everything seems to be going well. Baby boy is head down and in the correct position. My Braxton Hicks are amping up and starting to be painful. So we just have to  wait for a few more things to kick in and we are good to go. Family and friends are placing bets on when exactly the baby will arrive.