When B came home this weekend,  we had two things we had to accomplish.  One, we had to go to an all day preparing for childbirth class and two, we had to sit down look at the open parks and figure out where we would prefer to spend the next two years.

The class went by fine. It was a tad long, but then again I didn’t really sleep that well the night before.

After the class B and I started researching all of the parks on the list. As well as the surrounding areas; for housing prices, crime rates, school ratings, and closeness to hospitals (just in case for the baby). As some of you may know this process is daunting. And can wear you thin. Especially in our case where we found a park we liked, but in order to live relatively near by we would be living in the highest crime area and in a home that looked like it was used as a flop house or worse.

Eventually we got everything in order and were able to put together a list that worked out. Thankfully B is pretty high up in his ranking and we shouldn’t have too much trouble getting one of our top choices. B turns in the list today and I have been told by current rangers that it should be about a week before we are told where we will be going.  Hopefully that is true. But if the people at headquarters want to speed that process up, I think everyone will be able to relax a bit more.