B made it home safely this weekend. We have a preparing for childbirth class on Saturday.  It will be an all day class. I know it is important, but I’m not looking forward to all day (especially since I can’t seem to sleep; a long story).

Anyway, B had a normal week. He had his test on Thursday and passed that, which is always good. Thursday the cadets also got the infamous list. The list that has all of the empty positions that the cadets will fill. One of these are the parks will be where we spend the next two years of our lives. It is a major decision. It is also a little daunting. Apparently they got the list out fairly fast, but there really isn’t a for sure time of when we will know the final decision after B submits his preferences.

Wish us luck on a place that isn’t too far from a good pediatrician and possible school system.