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December 2013

Test day

Almost all week B and the rest of the cadets have been practicing stopping suspects and  what to do in certain situations.  Today they are being tested on what they learned.

Yesterday they were able to also participate in shooting simulations. It was apparently just a small amount of time yesterday,  but I imagine they will go over it more after the holiday break.

B does have to work this weekend so he won’t be home until Monday. But he will have Monday afternoon through Sunday off for a break. I am looking forward to having him home again.

Choosing a park

When B came home this weekend,  we had two things we had to accomplish.  One, we had to go to an all day preparing for childbirth class and two, we had to sit down look at the open parks and figure out where we would prefer to spend the next two years.

The class went by fine. It was a tad long, but then again I didn’t really sleep that well the night before.

After the class B and I started researching all of the parks on the list. As well as the surrounding areas; for housing prices, crime rates, school ratings, and closeness to hospitals (just in case for the baby). As some of you may know this process is daunting. And can wear you thin. Especially in our case where we found a park we liked, but in order to live relatively near by we would be living in the highest crime area and in a home that looked like it was used as a flop house or worse.

Eventually we got everything in order and were able to put together a list that worked out. Thankfully B is pretty high up in his ranking and we shouldn’t have too much trouble getting one of our top choices. B turns in the list today and I have been told by current rangers that it should be about a week before we are told where we will be going.  Hopefully that is true. But if the people at headquarters want to speed that process up, I think everyone will be able to relax a bit more.

The List

B made it home safely this weekend. We have a preparing for childbirth class on Saturday.  It will be an all day class. I know it is important, but I’m not looking forward to all day (especially since I can’t seem to sleep; a long story).

Anyway, B had a normal week. He had his test on Thursday and passed that, which is always good. Thursday the cadets also got the infamous list. The list that has all of the empty positions that the cadets will fill. One of these are the parks will be where we spend the next two years of our lives. It is a major decision. It is also a little daunting. Apparently they got the list out fairly fast, but there really isn’t a for sure time of when we will know the final decision after B submits his preferences.

Wish us luck on a place that isn’t too far from a good pediatrician and possible school system.


Yesterday B and the other cadets practiced patting down “suspects” looking for weapons.  They volunteers that helped in the scenarios. Apparently all the volunteers played complying “suspects”. The cadets had to contact their dispatch and everything.  I believe today they will continue the different scenarios with search and seizure.
Yesterday evening B’s study group met to study for their upcoming test. They will meet up again tonight. I believe the test will be Thursday. 

Waiting for jury duty

B’s week dealt with cultural diversity training, a report, tests, physical training, and waiting to find out about jury duty. He passed all of his tests, which is always good to hear.
Every night he got back to his place he had to check if he had jury duty. A stress I’m sure he couls have done with out. 






Some photos of our trip to B’s parents’. Yes, those are turkeys in the last two.

Turkey weekend

Happy belated Thanksgiving!

B was able to come home Wednesday night and had time off from the academy until tonight (Sunday). Wednesday night we packed up my car and headed to B’s parents’ house and spent the Thanksgiving holiday with them and B’s brother. It was a nice visit,  though the trip in the car was a bit rough for me. But I guess that’s to be expected. 

Last week B and the other cadets started up their PT again. There was running, the weight room, and climbing the 6 foot (I think that’s right) wall. Wednesday also marked another test day for B (which he passed).

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