Yesterday B finished learning about crimes against people, started learning about crimes against children, and began report writing. The cadets had to write a report either on an influential event in their life or person in their life. The cadets also had to interview one another. Finding out names, birth date, family information, something that no one else in the class knew, and one fear they had about writing reports.

Today the cadets had a test this morning. The test was a collection of the learning disciplines the class had been going over so far. After the test (which B got a 96% 🙂 ) the class finished learning about crimes again children (something every new father, let alone every parent wants to here :/ ) and began learning about general criminal statutes.

Next week the cadets will have another test most likely about the other learning disciplines that were not covered in today’s test. So when B comes home this weekend he will be spending most of his time studying. I am hoping that he will be home tomorrow night, but we shall see.