B started his first full week of the academy. Last week was paperwork and orientations into State Parks and what not. This week started  the physical aspect of the academy. The new State Park Ranger Cadets spent the first half of the day working their muscles in physical fitness and the second half of the day was classroom work.

One good thing that was discovered today, was that B can be approved to have his cell phone on (on vibrate of course) when the baby’s due date it closer. So he will be  able to know when I go into labor. The only hiccup maybe that during the time the baby is due, B will be in the middle of testing. There is no telling if he will be able to take time to come. At best he could come up right after class. That could be fine, we all know labor can be a while. Right now, we can only hope that the baby decides to arrive on a weekend. That really would be the best solution to everything.