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November 2013

Home again

B is home again for the weekend. Both the pup and I are glad to have him here.


I was also able to give B his anniversary gift….


Test day

Yesterday B finished learning about crimes against people, started learning about crimes against children, and began report writing. The cadets had to write a report either on an influential event in their life or person in their life. The cadets also had to interview one another. Finding out names, birth date, family information, something that no one else in the class knew, and one fear they had about writing reports.

Today the cadets had a test this morning. The test was a collection of the learning disciplines the class had been going over so far. After the test (which B got a 96% 🙂 ) the class finished learning about crimes again children (something every new father, let alone every parent wants to here :/ ) and began learning about general criminal statutes.

Next week the cadets will have another test most likely about the other learning disciplines that were not covered in today’s test. So when B comes home this weekend he will be spending most of his time studying. I am hoping that he will be home tomorrow night, but we shall see.

Anniversary Weekend

Today marks B’s and my anniversary. Though unfortunately there wasn’t much celebrating for us. We finally got everything out of the rental. It’s all clean. The keys are all turned in. We are out and officially moving on to the next step in our lives. Our storage unit is filled to capacity. Some extra boxes we had no room for ended up at B’s grandparents house. B’s car was packed to the gills for things he was taking back with him to the academy. After dealing with the rental all weekend, we went to a quick anniversary dinner.

This week B will be having his first test. Tomorrow will be a practice test and then B and the rest of the cadets will continue learning about crimes against people. We shall see how it all goes :).



B’s cadet class is divided into four different groups or squads. The whole class had to create a powerpoint presentation on what they were learning in class (it was in regards to community policing). So the class went into their groups to create these presentations. Everyone had to present yesterday. B said that the instructor liked everyone’s presentations (which is a good thing in my mind). That was the first part of the day.
After that they completed their lesson on community policing and spent the second half of the day learning criminal law. The second half of the day was probably review for B, since he has already taken classes regarding that subject.

Multiple updates

Ranger progress: B had a uniform inspection on Monday and he passed with flying colors.  B is also in the middle of a group presentation which is due tomorrow.  Today was another class day for B. He said that the cadets learned about policing in the community.  How to make the community a better place.

Rental clean up: My mom and I packed up some of the bigger stuff for B, that wouldn’t fit into his car, and drove up to B’s new rental. (This weekend we just have to put the last group of stuff in storage and ckean everything.  Then we will be done.) Tonight we got to spend a little time with B before we had to head home and he had to go finish up his group project.  It was good to see B even if it was for a brief time. Now the count down begins for this weekend….

End of the weekend

B came home this weekend after his first full week. He was able to make it home Friday night, so I was able to have him for two nights.
The bad news was we still have to get stuff out of our old rental.  I feel like it multiplies while we  are gone. So unfortunately our anniversary weekend will be filled with more clearing out our rental.
But at least B will be home for our anniversary.

Phonetic ABC’s

It was mainly class work for B today. He and the other cadets learned about leadership, ethics, standing up for what was right and being a symbol. Tonight they have to learn their phonetic abc’s and have them ready for tomorrow. 

Yesterday, the director of State Parks visited the cadets. Welcoming them to State Parks and what not. B said the local newspaper was also present.  It was a quick article with a picture of the director,  but (in my opinion) sadly no B was spotted.  Apparently he sits in the back. But that doesn’t really surprise me.

Tomorrow is Friday, and I am hoping B will be able to make it home tomorrow night. While I know I can still see him on Saturday, I’d just like to see him sooner rather than later.

The start of the first full week

B started his first full week of the academy. Last week was paperwork and orientations into State Parks and what not. This week started  the physical aspect of the academy. The new State Park Ranger Cadets spent the first half of the day working their muscles in physical fitness and the second half of the day was classroom work.

One good thing that was discovered today, was that B can be approved to have his cell phone on (on vibrate of course) when the baby’s due date it closer. So he will be  able to know when I go into labor. The only hiccup maybe that during the time the baby is due, B will be in the middle of testing. There is no telling if he will be able to take time to come. At best he could come up right after class. That could be fine, we all know labor can be a while. Right now, we can only hope that the baby decides to arrive on a weekend. That really would be the best solution to everything.

Baby shower

Today I was very fortunate to have my friends and family throw me a lovely Peter Pan/Neverland themed baby shower. Our baby boy is already well loved by so many. He got so many cute outfits and helpful essentials. We are very lucky.  Below are some pictures of the decorations from the party.











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