It’s B’s first day of the academy. He left yesterday afternoon. Class starts at 7 AM sharp.  I hope that he can fond everything on the college campus.  B seemed to have everything that he needed.  His uniforms came in just in time. His car finally is working again (after almost 3/4 of a year). Now he gets to finally start the official training for a State Park Ranger.

It feels weird without him here.  But I know that it is all for the greater good of our family and this is his dream career. 

As for our rental and moving….
The majority of our stuff is in storage.  A good chunk of my stuff and the dog (and all the baby’s stuff) is all moved in at my parents’ house. I was lucky enough they live in the same town and willing to take me in to help save on money. Plus I didn’t really want to stay where we were renting; let alone be there by myself.
However there is still all the stuff for B’s temporary place and more stuff that needs to be in storage,  but most likely won’t fit. Like I have mentioned before a lot of cra stuff was in that rental.