So technically I am not married to a Park Ranger yet. My husband, B, is getting ready to enter into the State Parks Ranger Academy. He has gone through the very long process and come out on the other end. He was accepted as a cadet into the academy earlier this month. Ever since he received the final offer to join the academy, everything has been go, go, go. B has to report bright and early on October 31st. So we had only a few weeks to find a place for him to live, order and purchase his uniforms, and of course moving out of the place we are currently living.

During this 6-7 month academy B will be living near the academy and I will be moving in with my parents (mainly to save on money). The good news is, B will only be about an hour and a half away and can come home on weekends. The not really bad news (but still meh news) is about three months into B’s academy I will be giving birth to our first child. I have been told by multiple State Park Rangers (both current and retired) and staff that B will be able to come home when I go into labor.

Everything is happening at once. Or at least that is how it seems. I’m extremely proud of B in accomplishing his goal of getting his dream job. It is a great opportunity for him and our growing family. It will also be full of adventures as B goes through this process and eventually assigned to his first post at a State Park.