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October 2013

First Day (Update)

Well… now everything is in motion and official. B spent the his first day of the Academy filling out the standard paperwork that comes with any job. He also received the parts of his uniform that is provided by the State. All in all B said that it was a good day. It’s always good to hear that everything went well.

Now this weekend will be B’s second move to the Academy, as he moves into his temporary rental. Then hopefully we will be completely out of our rental. Fingers crossed.


That should be about it. I hope you all had a happy and safe Halloween!

We had some fun here passing out candy….. 🙂

mummy face
I decorated my baby bump as a mummy.
The pup dressed up as Cookie Monster, a shark pup, and wore a witches hat for a moment before she tried to eat it.
The pup dressed up as Cookie Monster, a shark pup, and wore a witches hat for a moment before she tried to eat it.


First day

It’s B’s first day of the academy. He left yesterday afternoon. Class starts at 7 AM sharp.  I hope that he can fond everything on the college campus.  B seemed to have everything that he needed.  His uniforms came in just in time. His car finally is working again (after almost 3/4 of a year). Now he gets to finally start the official training for a State Park Ranger.

It feels weird without him here.  But I know that it is all for the greater good of our family and this is his dream career. 

As for our rental and moving….
The majority of our stuff is in storage.  A good chunk of my stuff and the dog (and all the baby’s stuff) is all moved in at my parents’ house. I was lucky enough they live in the same town and willing to take me in to help save on money. Plus I didn’t really want to stay where we were renting; let alone be there by myself.
However there is still all the stuff for B’s temporary place and more stuff that needs to be in storage,  but most likely won’t fit. Like I have mentioned before a lot of cra stuff was in that rental.

Moving day

We have been in the middle of trying to pack and move out of our rental for a while now. And it seems that the more we get done the more cra….stuff we have.
Today is the day we move all the big stuff (and hopefully everything else) into storage.  Yesterday we moved some stuff in to the storage unit just so we would get it out of the rental.
And of course there is one person who just objects to this whole moving process….


Our year-old pup. Every chance she gets she hops in my lap and won’t move. She’ll either fall asleep or just look at me like

“That’s enough now.”

Well wish us luck on the move. I have a feeling we are going to need it!



B has to have his boots all shined up for the academy.  He has been shining these boots ever since he got them. They are looking pretty good to me.

Getting ready for the beginning


So technically I am not married to a Park Ranger yet. My husband, B, is getting ready to enter into the State Parks Ranger Academy. He has gone through the very long process and come out on the other end. He was accepted as a cadet into the academy earlier this month. Ever since he received the final offer to join the academy, everything has been go, go, go. B has to report bright and early on October 31st. So we had only a few weeks to find a place for him to live, order and purchase his uniforms, and of course moving out of the place we are currently living.

During this 6-7 month academy B will be living near the academy and I will be moving in with my parents (mainly to save on money). The good news is, B will only be about an hour and a half away and can come home on weekends. The not really bad news (but still meh news) is about three months into B’s academy I will be giving birth to our first child. I have been told by multiple State Park Rangers (both current and retired) and staff that B will be able to come home when I go into labor.

Everything is happening at once. Or at least that is how it seems. I’m extremely proud of B in accomplishing his goal of getting his dream job. It is a great opportunity for him and our growing family. It will also be full of adventures as B goes through this process and eventually assigned to his first post at a State Park.

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